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Factoring For Directional Drilling Of Oil And Gas Wells Contract Companies|

Setting up an oil field services factoring relationship is
quick and easy compared to other
forms of financing. It's a simple process really.






































































Factoring Companies for  Directional drilling of oil and gas wells contract companies in Texas

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How are Crude Oil and Natural Gas Produced ?

Production is the operation that brings hydrocarbons to the surface and prepares them for processing. Production begins after the well is drilled. The mixture of oil, gas and water from the well is separated on the surface. The water is disposed of and the oil and gas are treated, measured, and tested. Production operations include bringing the oil and gas to the surface, maintaining production, and purifying, measuring, and testing.

Completing the Well

After a well has been drilled, it must be completed before oil and gas production can begin. The first step in this process is installing casing pipe in the well.

Oil and gas wells usually require four concentric strings of pipe: conductor pipe, surface casing, intermediate casing, and production casing. The production casing or oil string is the final casing for most wells. The production casing completely seals off the producing formation from water aquifers.



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    The production casing runs to the bottom of the hole or stops just above the production zone. Usually, the casing runs to the bottom of the hole. In this situation the casing and cement seal off the reservoir and prevent fluids from leaving. In this case the casing must be perforated to allow liquids to flow into the well. This is a perforated completion . Most wells are completed by using a perforated completion. Perforating is the process of piercing the casing wall and the cement behind it to provide openings through which formation fluids may enter the wellbore.

    Tubing and Packers

    After cementing the production casing, the completion crew runs a final string of pipe called the tubing . The well fluids flow from the reservoir to the surface through the tubing. Tubing is smaller in diameter than casing - the outside diameter ranges from about 1 to 4 - 1 / 2 inches.

    A packer is a ring made of metal and rubber that fits around the tubing. It provides a secure seal between everything above and below where it is set. It keeps well fluids and pressure away from the casing above it. Since the packer seals off the space between the tubing and the casing, it forces the formation fluids into and up the tubing.

    Circulating System

    The drilling operation uses fluids to reduce friction and remove rock fragments or cuttings . The circulating system pumps these drilling fluids down the hole, out of the nozzles in the drilling bit, and returns them to the surface where the debris is separated from the fluid.

    Drilling fluid is also knows as drilling mud because of its characteristic brown color. The drilling mud is mixed in tanks. The mud is pumped through a hose to the swivel, down the kelly, and into the drill pipe. The mud goes down the drill string and out of the drilling bit nozzles. The mud carries the cuttings from the bottom of the hole to the surface in the space between the outside of the drill string and the inside of the hole.

    The cuttings are separated from the mud in a vibrating screen called a shale shaker . The cuttings are trapped on the screen and the mud passes through the screen into the mud pits. The circulating pumps pick up this clean mud and send it back down the hole. The cuttings are collected in a plastic - lined pit for disposal.

    Drilling mud is a mixture of water, clay, and special minerals and chemicals. Drilling mud removes cuttings from the hole and cools and lubricates the drilling bit. Mud also maintains pressure in the hole to keep fluids in the formation from entering the hole and producing a gusher of oil on the surface. Different muds are used during the drilling process to adjust to rock formations, temperature, and pressure.
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    Setting up an oil field services factoring relationship is quick and easy compared to other forms of financing. It's a simple process really.








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    Factoring Companies for  Directional drilling of oil and gas wells contract companies in Texas


    Factoring companies can help those firms that banks often find difficult to approve such as start - up companies whose growth outstrips cash.   The primary focus in an accounts receivable   factoring relationship is the credit - worthiness of the customers being invoiced and the client s ability to produce a quality product or service.     Simply put, if the business has an acceptable product or service that it provides to a creditworthy customer then the business is a candidate for factoring.

    The fact is that most companies share a common dilemma during periods of rapid growth of incoming orders draining cash flow.   accounts receivable not only provides immediate cashbut, efficient businesses also use it as a tool to increase profit margins:

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    1.     Take Advantage of Early Payment   Discounts - Having access to cash enables businesses to save on average 2 % by taking advantage of early payment terms offered by suppliers.   The points saved by reducing raw materials costs helps to offset the factoring fee.  

    2.     Take Advantage of Volume Discounts - Having cash also enables businesses to buy raw materials in greater volume.   This saves money and directly impacts the bottom line.

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    3.     Reduce Late Payment Penalties and Interest Charges - Having immediate cash on hand to pay current obligations as they become due eliminates late charges from suppliers and other creditors.  

    4.     Meet Obligations on Time - Paying vendors on time helps to establish a solid credit track record and allows for increased future credit limits from vendors as well as financial institutions.

    5.     Offer Credit Terms to Customers - Offering credit terms to customers is a common way to increase sales by making it " easier" for customers to buy.   Having financial backing to carry accounts receivable is essential if a business wants to be able to follow through on its commitments.   Reputable factoring companies encourage " managed" growth by consulting with clients regarding exposures and other risks when taking on new credit accounts.

    The difference between accounts receivable and other sources of financing is that the factoring company   actually purchases and tracks commercial invoices.   In addition to providing immediate cash on invoices, the factor performs valuable credit analysis on new and existing customers and conducts professional, routine follow up on invoices as they become due.    

    Factoring Companies in  Texas for Directional drilling of oil and gas wells contract companies






    The Rotary Drilling Rig
    oil field workers

    The rotary drilling rig uses a drill bit  to cut through the earth and create a hole. As the hole gets deeper, pipe is added to the drill bit to allow it to dig further. These lengths of drill pipe form the drill string . This pipe is connected to an engine that turns the drill bit to cut the hole. The rotary rig operates the same as a hand - held electric drill. The electric drill has a motor that turns the drill bit and sufficient weight must be applied to keep the drill in contact with the bottom of the hole.

    Factoring Companies in  Texas for Directional drilling of oil and gas wells contract companies


    There are four main operations in a drilling rig: hoisting , rotating , circulating, and power . The hoisting system is used to raise and lower pipe in and out of the hole and to support the drill string to control the weight on the drill bit during drilling.

    Hoisting System

    The hoisting system consists of the derrick , traveling and crown blocks , the drilling line , and the drawworks . The drilling rig uses a derrick to support the drill bit and pipe ( drill string ). The derrick is a steel tower that is used to support the traveling and crown blocks and the drill string. There may be no more identifiable symbol of the oil and gas industry than the derrick on a drilling rig.

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    The cable is connected to a winch or drawworks. The drawworks contains a large drum around which the drilling cable is wrapped. As the drum rotates one way or the other, the drilling cable spools on or off the drum and raises or lowers the drill string. The crown and traveling blocks are a set of pulleys that raise and lower the drill string. The crown block is a stationary pulley located at the top of the derrick. The traveling block moves up and down and is used to raise and lower the drill string. These pulleys are connected to the drill string with a large diameter steel cable.

    Rotating Equipment

    The rotating equipment turns the drilling bit. This equipment consists of the swivel , the kelly , the rotary table , the drill pipe , the drill collars , and the bit. The swivel is attached to the bottom of the traveling block and permits the drill string to rotate. The kelly is a square or hexagonal shaped section of pipe that is attached to the swivel. The kelly fits in a matching slot in the rotary table. As the rotary table turns the kelly is also turned. The movement of the kelly rotates the drill string and the drill bit.

    The drilling bit is used to create the hole. Drilling bit sizes range from six inches to three feet in diameter. The most common drill bits are roller cone bits and diamond bits . Roller cone bits have three cones containing rows of teeth. The cones rotate on bearings and turn as the drilling bit rotates.

    The teeth cut and crush the rock to create the hole. The bit also contains small nozzles that spray drilling fluids to remove the rock fragments from the bottom of the hole.

    Diamond bits have a single fixed head that contains many small diamonds. As the bit turns the diamonds cut the rock. Diamond bits also have nozzles to wash away the broken pieces of rock. Different drilling bits are used depending on the type of rock that is encountered Drilling pipe is round steel tubes about 30 feet long with a diameter of from 4 to 5 inches. The drill collars are used to add weight on the bit. Drill pipe has threaded connections on each end that allow the pipe to be joined together to form longer sections as the hole gets deeper.

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